About Birth Photography:
One of the most beautiful moments we will ever experience in our lifetime - is holding our child for the very first time. All of the pain and exhaustion is forgotten the minute we lock eyes with that precious little creature we fought so hard to bring into this World! 
Labor and Birth are very unpredictable and it may not go exactly as you planned or dreamed it would - but having a professional photographer there to document your experience, whether perfect or not so perfect - is a gift that you can give not only to yourself, but to your children and future generations. 
As a Mother of three who had three very different birth experiences - I know exactly what it feels like to watch my children born from my perspective - which was obviously very, very different from everyone else's point of view! How I would have loved to see my children's births through the eyes of a photographer instead of in a "Not quite right angled" mirrored reflection in between pushing and breathing and crying! 
To have been able to see my babies first bath, watch them get their foot prints pressed onto their birth certificate, seeing their little chin quivers while trying to make sense of these new sounds and touch and lights all around them or see photos of myself getting to hold my child for the very first time and those precious first looks between Mother and Child that say "I know you...I've been waiting for this my whole life..." would have been amazing. I wish I would have thought to hire a photographer to document my own birth experiences!

My Role In Your Experience:
My job is to be sensitive to your needs as a laboring woman and to document your experience as quietly and as unobtrusively as possible. I want to get those amazing moments captured for you - without getting in the way or making you feel uncomfortable - so I bring along my best pro lenses that allow for me to shoot from a distance in lower light without requiring flash to disturb you in your most intense or emotional moments. My goal is to photograph your birth experience in such a way that will have you wondering how I got that shot because you can't even remember me being there! 
Package Options:
I understand that there are going to be different needs for different Mother's and have put together a few  options for my clients to choose from. 
I prefer to allow my Birth Clients the option to "Create their own" package by deciding which option works best for their family, budget and comfort levels.
Below are the mix and match options as well as "Bundle Packages" which offer considerable savings when purchased vs the "ala carte" option.
Birth Experience Photography always includes:
• 1 Pre-natal visit/meeting to discuss what to expect from me, which moments are the most important to you for me to photograph, what your comfort levels are and what your  "Do's" and "Don't Do's" might be. It gives us the opportunity to figure out a plan in case things don't go as you had hoped they would during your labor and delivery.
• On call 24/7 for 2 weeks prior to your due date until the birth of your child/children.
• High-res - fully edited files on a disc  (mostly in black and white but with a few in color)
• A print release.
• An online secure - password protected gallery of your images for you to look at privately or share with your family and friends.


Full Birth Experience - *$2000


• The Full Birth Experience documents it all - from the first few hours of walking around the park, laboring in the halls, soothing baths, foreheads pressed together while encouraging words are shared, back rubs and "This is really happening" moments through to active labor, transition labor and pushing to delivery.
• Up to 2 hours after the birth of your child/children - to get those first moments that Mom tends to miss - first bath, weigh/measure etc as well as photographing Momma and Baby's first looks and those moments where the room is filled with love and new life - that will never happen again.
• 80-100 Images in your album.
* $600 is needed to reserve your spot on my calendar. Your reservation deposit is non-refundable. I will only be taking 1 full birth experience  client per month to ensure that births do not overlap. The remainder of the fee is due by 38 weeks in your pregnancy - however a payment plan may be set up upon request!
Active Labor and Delivery Experience - *$1000
• Active Labor and Delivery packages include documentation of the later stages of labor  through the delivery of your child/children.
• Up to 1 hour after the birth of your child/children.
• 30-50 Images in your gallery
* 50% of the total session fee cost is needed to reserve your spot on my calendar. Your reservation deposit is non-refundable. I will only be taking 1 full birth experience client per month to ensure that births do not overlap. The remainder of the fee is due by 37 weeks in your pregnancy - however a payment plan may be set up upon request!
BUNDLE and save!
Full Birth Bundle - $2600
• Maternity session ($300 Value)
• The Full Birth Experience Session ($2000 Value)
• A Newborn PLUS session. ($500 Value)
Basic Birth Bundle - $1350
•  Maternity session ($300 Value)
• The Active Labor and Delivery Session ($1000 Value)
• A Newborn BASIC session ($300 Value)
First 24 Session - $350
• 1 hour of photography of you with your newborn either at the hospital, birth center or your home to document those first beautiful moments of bonding that take place in the first 24 hours of life.
• 10-15 images fully edited and high resolution sizes
• Print release.

For information on Maternity, Newborn or First Year Of Life packages - please visit my Portrait Investment Page!

Frequently Asked Questions about Birth Photography by Jen Martin Studios:
What areas do you serve?
I live in Arlington, WA and am willing to travel north to Bellingham and South as far as Seattle for portrait sessions and birth experiences! 
When do you arrive for the birth and how long do you stay?
It depends on the birth photography experience package you have chosen and at what stage of labor we have discussed as a starting point for you during our pre-natal meeting. 
I can stay for up to 2 hours after the delivery.
Will the images from my birth be shared on your website or online?
I would love to share your images with my clients and post them on my blog and in my portfolio - however none of your images will be shared without your consent and without you having the opportunity to view your secure gallery and choose which images you feel comfortable sharing. 
What if I have to have a C - Section?
If you are having a planned C - section - you can discuss the option of having a birth photographer in the operating room with your Doctor and the hospital where you will be having your surgery. 
If your C- section is not planned and is done in an emergency type situation - you will not be allowed to have a photographer in the room with you while they deliver your child - however there are some amazing images that can be captured for you while you are waiting to see your little one! You may also choose to have me come back at a later time to photograph your first moments of bonding with your new little one!
What if you don't make it to my birth?
I will only be scheduling 1 birth due date per month to give me the best possible chance to making it to your birth. If I miss the delivery of your child because  of unforeseen illness or emergency and a back-up photographer is not available to take my place  - you will be refunded your Session fee minus $200 for time spent at a consult and planning meeting.
If I miss your child's birth due to the labor happening faster than expected - you will be compensated with sessions that equal the amount that you have paid toward your Birth Experience Session.
If I miss your child's birth due to you not calling me in time - there is no refund and you will receive a Newborn Plus Session only.
What if I don't want "Graphic or Private Shots" taken during my Birth Session?
We will have a pre-natal meeting to discuss what you do and do not want photographed during your labor and delivery. There are some women who want to have photographs of their child in the process of emerging from the womb and there are some that just want those moments before and after captured. 
What if I dont want the actual labor and birth photographed and I just want those first few hours?
I offer a First 24 hour package where you give me a call and let me know you are ready to have some photos done at your birthing location and I pack up my camera and head on over and spend about an hour taking some beautiful images of those first few hours of life for you.
If you would like to see some of my Birth Photography Galleries or would like to set up a Pre-natal consultation and discuss package prices and options for payment plans - please email me!